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Introduction to Zen Meditation Workshop


Tad Zazen 2

The Introduction to Zen Meditation Workshop provides basic instruction on how to meditate.  The workshop is 2 hours long and it is offered almost every month, usually on a Sunday afternoon or a Thursday evening (see dates below).

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The workshop includes basics of seated meditation, various options for postures (cushions or chairs), techniques for working with breathing and observation of thought.  It includes an introduction to the use of mindfulness practices in daily life.


Front Gate Open

  • It includes free follow-up visits to the Center during the month of your workshop
  • Experiential, lecture, small group discussion, Q&A, handouts
  • $75.00 (tax deductible) Refund policy below
  • Pre-registration required by noon on the day of the workshop
  • For information about the workshop leaders, click here
  • Wear comfortable clothing.  You do not need to bring anything.  We ask that you leave your cellphone or electronics at home or safely locked in your car.



Schedule of Workshops for 2018:

  • Jan. 7 (Sun.), 2 pm to 4
  • Mar. 4 (Sun.), 2 pm to 4
  • May 6 (Sun.), 2 pm to 4
  • June 3 (Sun.), 2 pm to 4
  • Aug. 2 (Thurs.), 6:30 pm to 8:30
  • Sept. 6 (Thurs.), 6:30 pm to 8:30
  • Nov. 4 (Sun.), 2 pm to 4
  • Dec. 6 (Thurs.), 6:30 pm to 8:30

To register, first scroll the arrow in the Date menu box to choose your workshop month — then click on the “buy now”  button:


You will receive an immediate confirmation of your registration by email from Pay Pal.

Individual Workshops

For those who cannot attend a small group session, we offer an individual session.  The fee is $75 and the session is 1 hour and 15 minutes.  After we receive your registration, we will email you to schedule a mutually convenient day and time to meet.  The individual sessions also include the month of free participation at regular Zen center programs.  (Refund policy for individual workshops:  once you have set a date and time with the workshop leader, we allow one re-schedule if 24 hours notice of cancellation is given.)

Depending upon the distance, we can sometimes offer sessions at home, for an additional charge for travel expenses.

To register for an individual session, click on the  button below:

Follow-up sessions (50 minutes) are available for those who have had either an individual or group intro workshop. The fee is $40.

To register for a follow-up session, click on the button below:


Prefer not to use Pay Pal?  After clicking on the “buy now” button, click the “Don’t have a Pay Pal Account” option at the bottom of the payment page.  It will then open to credit or debit card options.

Registering for two people?  You will need to register twice. Then please email us at zencenter@zcoc.org to give us the name and email or phone of the second person.

Registering for someone else?  Register using your name and credit card information.  Then please email us at zencenter@zcoc.org to give us the name and email or phone of the person who will be attending.

Refund policy for group workshops:  For cancellations made before 10 am the day of the workshop, you may choose to re-schedule  or receive a full refund.  For cancellations made later or no-show, you may re-schedule once for a later date, or apply your full fee toward another program, or receive a 50% refund.

Group workshop cancellation policy:  Occasionally we do not receive sufficient registrations to hold a workshop.  Since the registration deadline is 9 pm the night before the workshop, we let those who have registered know about the cancellation at 9:30 pm.  You may then choose a different workshop date, have an individualized workshop at a day and time convenient for you,  or a full refund.