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Rev. Dr. Deborah Barrett

deborah_01 Dr. Deborah Barrett is a minister and teacher at ZCOC. She has been a serious meditation practitioner for over 30 years in both the Christian and Zen traditions.  Deborah is a certified pastoral counselor with a Ph.D. in psychology and an M.A. in theology. She has a law degree (Juris Doctor) from DePaul University and, though currently inactive,  is licensed to practice law in Illinois and federal courts.
Deborah engages in private practice as a counselor and psychotherapist. She is a certified fellow of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, #6011 (www.aapc.org). Deborah served as a full-time hospice chaplain for four years. She teaches “Introduction to Psychology” and “Psychology of Effective Behavior” at Santiago Canyon College and “Abnormal Psychology” at Santa Ana College. She has taught  “Comparative Mysticism” and “Contemporary Practices of the World’s Religions” in the Comparative Religion Department at Cal State Fullerton as well as “Spirituality and Aging” and “Death and Dying” courses at Cal State.  Her email is Barrett@zcoc.org

Rev. Carol Aguilar

Carol_2_BW_b Rev. Carol Aguilar is a minister and teacher at ZCOC. She has been a Zen practitioner for over 30 years. In addition to teaching and administration, Carol directs ZCOC’s prison project and represents the Zen Center at community events.
Carol is owner of Zen Home Stitchery, providing meditation cushions at affordable prices for thousands of Zen students and hundreds of meditation groups and Zen Centers.  Carol has an M.A. in Philosophy from SDSU with an emphasis in Dogen Studies.  Her B.A. degree is in Asian history from the University of California, San Diego.  She enjoys her grandson, Sol, and her granddaugher, Giada. Her email is Aguilar@zcoc.org

Sr. Virgie Luchsinger

virgie_sml Sr. Virgie Luchsinger is a teacher at ZCOC. She is a Professor of Ikebana in the Ikenobo tradition (flower arranging) and she is a chanoyu (tea ceremony) teacher. She is a registered nurse, now retired, with an M.A. degree in theology from Loyola University, Chicago. Sr. Virgie’s spiritual background is as a cloistered Carmelite nun, and currently as a Sister For Christian Community.
Though well-grounded in the classical Christian contemplative and mystical tradition, she has been a pioneer in contemporary forms of contemplation and spirituality, especially in relating Zen to apophatic prayer. She offers tea and flower arranging on a regular basis at ZCOC. Virgie’s interests include travel, piano, calligraphy, modern art, astronomy, and architecture.Her email is Luchsinger@zcoc.org
Tad Sullivan

Tad portrait2 Tad Sullivan is a Teacher at ZCOC.  He offers talks and leads readings and discussions on a regular basis.  He leads many of the Zen Center’s Introduction to Zen Meditation Workshop as well as some of the classes in the Zen Meditation and Mindfulness courses.  He is active in the Zen Center’s prison project.  He serves as the Practitioner Coordinator and is available at almost all programs.  He provides an orientation program for new practitioners at the Center.

Tad has a B.A. degree from Occidental College, majoring in English/Drama with an emphasis on creative writing, and a minor in Philosophy. He manages a sales rep business to college book and art stores, and a family wholesale business in the paper and packaging markets.

Tad lives with his wife Chris, an artist and art professor at Coastline Community College, in Corona Del Mar.  They have enjoyed being married for over 30 years. They have a son, Riley, a recent college graduate.

Tad is a founding member of Poetry on Broadway, which has met for the past twelve years in Costa Mesa (on Broadway). He is active in Chi Gong.  He enjoys music, theater, nature, and haiku.

His email is: Sullivan@zcoc.org