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Zen Meditation Instruction


What is Zen? How do you do Zen meditation or where can you receive Zen meditation instruction? How does it relate to work, emotions, family and relationships? How do you learn and apply mindfulness practices to daily life? What is the role of a Zen Center?

Zen Meditation Instruction, Instruction Zen Meditation

A two and one half hour workshop is offered eight times a year, usually on the first Sunday of the month (see schedule below) to provide small group instruction in beginning Zen awareness practice.

The workshop includes basics of seated meditation, various options for postures (cushions or chairs), techniques for working with breathing and observation of thought. It includes mindfulness practices in daily life.

For information about the workshop teachers, click here.

  • Schedule for remainder of 2013: Mar. 3; May 5; June 2; Sept. 1; Oct. 6; Dec. 1
  • 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm
  • Includes free follow-up visits to the Center during the month of your workshop
  • Experiential, lecture, small group discussion, Q&A, handouts
  • $75.00 (tax deductible) (Refund policy below
  • Pre-register no later than 9 pm on the Saturday before the workshop


To register online complete the following: