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Workshops for Corporations


The Zen Center offers workshops or training sessions on meditation and/or mindfulness practices for the work place.  These may be customized for your organization and event.

ZCOC has offered workshops for corporations, universities, hospitals and businesses throughout Orange County for over twenty years.

Examples of recent workshop venues are Google, Intensive Care Nurses Association, and Santiago Canyon College.

Some workshop formats are:

One time session duirng lunch or before or after work

A series of sessions held each week for three weeks

A workshop during a company retreat or conference

Typically the sessions include instruction, guided meditation, participatory mindfulness exercises, time for questions and discussion, and a handout with resources and suggestions for next steps.

Please note that the sessions are secular and are designed not to conflict with any religious beliefs of participants.

Contact the Zen Center at zencenter@zcoc.org for further information.  Please give us some idea about how long a session you are considering or how many sessions; the  number of participants you anticipate;  the nature of your business; and any special requests.