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Special Topics


Talks, readings and discussions are offered after Zazen/meditation at most ZCOC programs.  Some special topics are found below.  Dates are in the monthly newsletter.

Zen Buddhist Precepts 

Talks, readings or discussions on the Precepts, with emphasis upon their relevance to our life and practice today.  Held monthly, as scheduled.

Engaged Buddhism: Climate Change

Quarterly talks, readings, films and discussions on Zen Buddhist teachings and their application to social issues.  The topic of Climate Change will be our focus this year.  Quarterly, as scheduled.

Film Program

A film on a Zen-related topic, followed by discussion, is held about every other month, on second Tuesdays.  We have one 30-minute period of Zazen/Meditation, followed by a film and discussion.

A sampling of recent films includes:  “The Zen of Dogen,” “Mind of Play,” “D.T. Suzuki,” “An Interview with Toni Packer,” and short films on mindfulness practice at a senior center & public elementary school.”