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The Zen Center is available for rental.  

Rentals may be for individuals or small groups.

The rental may be on an ongoing, regular basis or for a one-time special event.


Examples of rentals are:

  • Workshop space
  • Large room for meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc.
  • Offices for counseling, meetings, individual or family sessions
  • Wedding
  • Interior Zendo Memorial Service
  • Group therapy


The Zen Center can provide:

  • Kitchen
  • Chairs
  • Meditation cushions and mats
  • Conference tables
  • Tea room/lobby
  • Tea set up (hot water, tea cups, etc.)
  • Front deck patio with bench seating
  • Private parking lot
  • One or two restrooms
  • Internet access
  • Zen Buddhist altar or no altar, as requested

For more information:

Please email us at zencenter@zcoc.org

Be sure to let us know how many people will be attending  and what kind of event or activity you are planning.