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Getting Started


Front Gate OpenZCOC offers several introductory programs for those who wish to learn how to meditate.  These programs are also designed for those who already have some experience in meditation but who wish to begin practice at the Zen Center.  You may choose any of the following programs:

The Introduction to Zen Meditation Workshop is a one-afternoon program, with optional follow up sessions for the month included.

Click here for more information on the Introduction to Zen Workshop

The Zen Meditation and Mindfulness Course is a four-week program held on Tuesday nights.  It includes a package with workbook, classes and a meditation cushion.  This is our most popular program.

Click here for more information on the Zen Meditation and Mindfulness Program

The Zen Retreat Day is a one-day retreat which begins with instruction and orientation.  It is a full day of mindfulness in a structured, community setting, including flexible meditation periods, walking meditation, work practice and vegan meals.

Click here for more information on the Zen Retreat Day.