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Rummage Sale


ZCOC   Rummage Sale

ZCOC periodically holds rummage sales.  The next date will be posted when scheduled.

Usually held on a Saturday in the summer, from 8 am to 3 pm. 

We accept donations of items for the Rummage Sale throughout the year, especially books.


Rummage 3aBenefits to you for donating items for sale:

  • Simplify
  • Clean up
  • Upgrade or replace
  • Be green
  • Reduce storage and clutter
  • Tax deductible (ZCOC is a 501(c)3 charity)

Benefits to others:

Proceeds go to the ZCOC prison project (to send books, meditation cushions, etc. to teach meditation to those who are incarcerated) and other Zen Center special projects

  • Send it forward to someone who can use it
  • ZCOC will reduce prices to those in obvious need (e.g., children’s clothes)
  • ZCOC will move forward any unsold items, being sure they get to the right place
  • ZCOC will donate any unsold stuff to Good Will or similar thrifts
  • The Zen Center will keep items we can make use of

Rummage 2aItems should be dropped off before any program.  Ask a timekeeper or work practice leader to help you to you to unload, sort and store them.  He or she can give you a tax receipt. If you are not a Zen Center practitioner, you can leave your donations in the rear parking lot or in the lobby (if open) and contact us for your receipt.

$1.00 minimum price tag on all contributed items (ten cents on the dollar to the value of each item)

If possible, please indicate value by labeling items before bringing to ZCOC (examples: box of books – $1 each marked on box, toaster – $5, laptop – $100)

You may ask for help carrying things and pricing them.

Valuable items over $50.00 may be sold on EBay or Craig’s List

We will use the front sidewalk, driveway and back parking lot to display items, as needed.

Please keep in mind that practitioner volunteers will be sorting and handling donations, and your consideration in giving items that are clean, presentable and ready-to-sell will be appreciated.  Take items that cannot be sold for at least $1.00 to the thrift and throw away items that cannot be sold.


  • Functioning electronic or electric items (kitchen appliances, lamps, audio, video, cameras computer, power tools, etc)
  • Flat Screen TVs (not older)
  • Furniture in good shape
  • Musical instruments
  • Cars and boats
  • Good quality clothes (jackets, coats, dresses, shirts, pants, shoes)
  • Bicycles, water sports items (boogie boards, surfboards, wet suits), skateboards, exercise equipment, golf and tennis equipment
  • Books in good condition
  • CD’s, DVD’s
  • If something is good quality but not working and fixable, tape a note on it



  • Shabby, faded or worn-out clothes or tee shirts (Take to Salvation Army—they send these around the world to places of urgent need)
  • Items which you yourself would not pay at least a dollar for at a garage sale
  • No old TVs (only flat-screen and later)
  • We want junque, not junk/trash
  • Items that are stained, faded or torn (rugs, towels, blankets, etc.)
  • Rusty tools or utensils
  • Video and audio tapes
  • Toys or stuffed animals (unless in excellent condition)
  • Cracked or chipped dishes or glass items
  • Board games (unless vintage or in good condition with all pieces)
  • Weird stuff that no one can figure out
  • Sheets (unless new, unused and in packages)
  • Tupperware or similar storage unless lids and containers are matched
  • Plastic water or sport bottles
  • Stuff that is dirty or smelly

Thanks in advance for your generous donations.