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Zen Center One Day Retreat: Meditation and Mindfulness:

Practice being awake and living whole-heartedly in a simple, structured, community environment.

Experience a deeper level of meditation and living in awareness in each moment.

Features of the One-Day Retreat:

Brief, basic instruction in seated meditation

Orientation to a day of awareness & mindfulness activities

Quiet, silence and stillness

Two vegan meals (buffet style), snacks, walking meditation, breaks for nap or neighborhood walks, and simple work practices


The schedule offers flexibility to accommodate newcomers and those with special needs

It is suitable for those who can sit a minimum of 4 meditation periods of 30-minutes each in stillness over the course of the day (using a chair or cushion)

There is an afternoon period which allows people to do slowing walking meditation or seated meditation on their own schedule

Also included:

We end with a communal meal together (talking encouraged!) and depart promptly at 7 pm, allowing for Sunday evening at home

Arrival for newcomers is at 7 am for meditation  instruction and orientation (tea, coffee & juice)

Also included is a month of optional practice at the Zen Center’s regularly scheduled program, at no additional charge

To see the schedule for the one day retreat, click here.

For a talk about “Practice at Zazenkai” (a one-day retreat), click here.

The retreat is $100 (tax deductible).

To register, select the date of the retreat and click on the “buy now” button below.

Retreat Date

(ZCOC Practitioners should register online at the practitioner web site.)


ZCOC provides a variety of opportunities throughout the year for retreat practice, with options for one day, two day, three day and five day retreats.



Register By Arrive End
Su Apr. 6 Spring Retreat Day Sat Apr. 5 7:30 am 7 pm
(7 am newcomers)
Su June 29 Summer Retreat Day Su June 15 7:30 am 7 pm
 (7 am newcomers)
F Aug. 8—W Aug.13 Five Day Retreat F July 25 7 pm 3 pm
M Aug.11—W Aug.13 Option for Two Days F July 25  10 am M 3 pm W
F Oct 17 –M Oct 20 Three Day Retreat F Oct. 3 7 pm F 3 pm M
Su Oct. 19—M Oct 20 Part-time option F Oct. 3 10 am Su 3 pm M
 Su Dec. 7 Holiday Retreat Day  Su Nov. 23 7:30 am 7 pm

If you wish to attend a two, three or five day retreat, please contact the Center for details and registration.


ZCOC is closed during intensives except to those participating in the intensive.