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Fall Buddhism Program


Three New Workshops

For 2013, the Zen Center will offer three new workshops:


Mindful Loving:  Zen and Relationships (See left menu, Special Programs)

Zen & Mindfulness Practices for Recovery (details available fall, 2013)

Zen & Mindfulness Practices for Working with Emotions and Moods (details available fall, 2013)

This year these workshops will be offered instead of the fall Buddhism Program.

Past Buddhist Study Courses

Buddhism 401:  The Zen Buddhist Precepts (2012)

Buddhism 301: Introduction to the Mahayana Sutras (2011)

Buddhism 201: Zen and Taoism (2010)

Buddhism 106 Zen in American:  The Sixties (2009)

Buddhism 105  Zen in America:  The Fifties, Beat Zen & Zen (2008)

Buddhism 104  Zen in America:  The First 50 Years  (2008)

Buddhism 103  An Introduction to Dogen (2007)

Buddhism 102  Three Primary Chinese Zen Masters:

Bodhidharma, Hui-Neng, Lin-Chi  (2006)

Buddhism 101  Offered Spring Every Year since 2004

For study of the history of Zen Buddhism in America, our text was How the Swans Came to the Lake