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New Fall 2014 Workshop on Addiction


New Workshop

For 2014, the Zen Center will offer a new workshop:


Zen Wisdom Teachings on Addiction and Recovery (Nov. 9)



This year these workshops will be offered instead of the fall Buddhism Program.

Past Buddhist Study Courses

Buddhism 401:  The Zen Buddhist Precepts (2012)

Buddhism 301: Introduction to the Mahayana Sutras (2011)

Buddhism 201: Zen and Taoism (2010)

Buddhism 106 Zen in American:  The Sixties (2009)

Buddhism 105  Zen in America:  The Fifties, Beat Zen & Zen (2008)

Buddhism 104  Zen in America:  The First 50 Years  (2008)

Buddhism 103  An Introduction to Dogen (2007)

Buddhism 102  Three Primary Chinese Zen Masters:

Bodhidharma, Hui-Neng, Lin-Chi  (2006)

Buddhism 101  Offered Spring Every Year since 2004

For study of the history of Zen Buddhism in America, our text was How the Swans Came to the Lake