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Why meditate at the Zen Center?


What  can the Zen Center offer that is not available online or in books?

Like learning to swim or play the saxophone, meditation is best learned by instruction and experience…..

  • The key to learning how to meditate– and keep it going– is to draw upon the support and enthusiasm of  a community of people who have personally benefited from meditation.
  • Practical programs and skillful coaching provide the essential resources to meeting the challenges which inevitably come with the development of  a meditation practice.

We specialize in meditation.   ZCOC  features dedicated, qualified teachers & a committed, diverse community. The application of meditation to daily life  –work, family, relationships– through mindfulness practices– is emphasized.


Intro to Zen Meditation Workshop Rock Garden

Zen Meditation & Mindfulness Course  RockGarden-tm

One Day Zen Retreat
Mindful EatingRockGarden-tm
Zen Ikebana Flower Workshop

Workshops for CorporationsZCOCWfC



 Rental of the Zen Center

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